I have been involved in the restoration of historic furniture and buildings since 1980 and since 1991 I have held a licence from the Czech Ministry of Culture enabling me to restore listed arts-and-crafts objects, including gold leaf work.
We rescue and restore the furnishings and fittings of such listed buildings as stately homes, churches, galleries and town houses.

Of course, we also work on pieces of furniture from private collectors. The pieces are worthy of total renovation due to the quality of their arts-and-crafts manufacture.
For the wide range of work we do we closely co-operate with artistic blacksmiths and academy artists.

Restoration is a specific artistic discipline whose goal is to limit the material degradation of an artistic work while respecting its authenticity and its physical, historical and aesthetic integrity.

The historical decorative techniques we use in the course of our work are predominantly carving, marquetry, guilding, French polishing and waxing.

We regard exceptional pieces of furniture as distinctive works of art in the same vein as sculptures or paintings of the old masters.